Monday, January 5, 2009

7 Things You Don't Know About Me

I was tagged by Jan Smith for the meme "7 Things You Don't Know About Me", so here goes!

  • I watched every game of the Canucks' '94 run for the Stanley Cup, either in person or on TV.  My friends had season's tickets and so I got to attend some of the games.  A bunch of us would get together to watch the games on TV.  I seem to recall that the friends sold the 3rd and 4th round tickets, but I tell you even those 1st and 2nd round games were great!  The loudest place I have ever been was at the Pacific Coliseum for round 2 against the Dallas Stars.  After the Canucks won game 6 of the finals we went down to Robson Street in Vancouver and participated in the celebration; everyone was so happy it was great. I didn't go down to Robson when things turned nasty after the Canucks lost game 7.  I haven't been such an avid hockey fan these days, thought the Canada / Russia World Junior game the other night was a real nail biter!

  • I have a class 4 driver's license.  In BC that means that I can drive a mini-bus (approx 19 passengers).  When I was assistant coach for the high school golf team the coach asked me to get one so that I could drive the team on occasion.  I haven't used it much; the responsibility of driving 19 young lives around wears me out.

  • All through my high school years I was absolutely certain that I would become an architect.  Then I got to university ;-)

  • I am very afraid of heights, though I have found that after giving birth to two sons many of my fears have weakened a bit.  Perhaps it's time to head over to the bluffs...

    Skaha Bluffs by outdoorsgirl

  • My oldest son has Asperger Syndrome.  Going through the process of getting a diagnosis and then advocating to get appropriate support for him in the schools has really changed my outlook as a teacher.  I have a lot more compassion for the 'difficult' students, and the students who struggle with anxiety. I also have a greater appreciation of what the parents go through.

  • I get excited when I can add another phylum to the 'Foods I Have Eaten' list.  I'm a biologist; this is ok in biology circles;-)  My husband and I were at a big Chinese banquet a number of years ago and I was very happy because I got to add Phylum Cnidaria (jellyfish) to my list.  For a moment I thought I'd get to add Phylum Porifera too (sponges), but it turned out to be bamboo (who knew?)  I don't go out of my way to eat weird things, but if they are part of the conventional cuisine of a culture--I'll try 'em!

  • I have worked on the DNA of Sticklebacks (fish), Cutthroat trout, Rainbow Trout, Dolly Varden (fish), Kokanee (fish), killer whales and humans.  Sticklebacks , the other fish and killer whales to learn more about their evolution.  On humans I worked in a lab where we studied Fragile X syndrome and were looking for genes associated with autism.

Doing the '7 Things' has been fun, and I've definitely enjoyed learning more about the folks whose blogs I read.  I'm supposed to tag people for this one, but I think I'll leave it up to you--if you would like to do the '7 Things' meme, consider yourself tagged...


  1. Neat -- cool to hear some of the stuff that makes you you.

  2. @Jeremy, first off, happy new year! A lot of bloggers that I follow have been doing '7 Things...' posts and it has been really interesting to read and definitely help build connections.

  3. Claire, it was a pleasure to read your 7 Things meme!
    Some things we share:
    - We have a "shrine" to the Canucks in our soundroom. You'd love it. Much yelling went on at the end of that World Jrs against Russia! :)
    - My son has ADHD. He is the reason I teach. I could write a book about the experience of raising him! lol
    - I've caught and eaten Dolly Varden, Cutthroad, Kokanee, Rainbow Trout and, of course, a bear! (Didn't catch or eat her!)
    - My fear of heights is as legendary as my clumsiness! Ladders = 911! Stay out of those hills - SNAKES!
    Loved reading your post!

  4. @blogjunkie, this meme just keeps getting better and better as I learn more about the people in my network! I hear you about the snakes--I'm always very cautious around here; so far the only rattlers I have seen are from the comfort of my car (knock on wood!)

  5. Hi Claire, I too loved reading your post. When reading about your Canucks watching experience I was reminded of watching the Minnesota Twins in '91 World Series. I am not a baseball fan, but I was terribly morning sick, so I was up later at night. We lived in Nova Scotia then. I became a big fan of Kirby Pucket.
    You lead a fascinating and rich life. Thank you for sharing these wonderful snippets of yourself. And I hope life is back to "normal" after your move.

  6. Hi Jan, interesting about your morning sickness and the World Series. When I had morning sickness with both my boys I found I couldn't watch much TV; the fast food ads made me nauseous. At the end of my first pregnancy while I was off work waiting for the birth (he was 2 weeks overdue) I watched a lot of the 2002 winter olympics.


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