Friday, January 18, 2008

I'm on Twitter

After my last post I got a bit of ribbing from Sue Waters, and encouragement from Sarah Stewart re: Twitter. Sue, a confessed Twitter addict, thought it was funny that Sarah and I were scared of Twitter. Not ones to be laughed at, Sarah and I decided to take the plunge together. Feel free to check out Sarah and my Twitter profiles.Free Bird

So, after a few days of Twittering, I have to say I can really see the power of the site. Post a question, and within a very short time someone's gotten back to you with some good information. You read a great new blog post, Twitter it, and now your 'followers' are onto it too. Cool! It is not as intensive as I thought it would be, mind you I have a teensy network. You really can just be a fly on the wall and participate when and if you fell like it.

My challenge right now is to build up my network. If you (or someone you know) are new to Twitter and trying to build up a network, let's reciprocate--you follow me and I'll follow you ;-)

Image: Free Bird by Southern Pixel


  1. Sorry Claire, I didn't mean to sound like I was ribbing :(. Honestly I was chuckling - many of the blogs I have visited lately Sarah has beaten me to post a comment and we have been discussing reasons for and against joining Twitter for quite awhile. And to be honest I can totally understand reasons why people would hold off joining twitter.

    Checking your twitter account I can see you have added me; which I didn't realise so I have now added you back. The trouble at the moment is the more established people already have lots of followers so it can be hard to get people to add you. I can speed it up for you, if you like, like I did for Sarah, by asking people in my network to add you.

    It does take awhile to get into twitter, and it definitely helps having someone have you get underway.

  2. Hi Sue, I should have said in my post 'good natured ribbing'! It would be wonderful if you could ask the people in your network to add me. Thanks for helping me out -- again!

  3. Hi Claire - Not a problem re-ribbing and it does make your post stand out which is always a good thing. I have just asked my network to add you - hopefully several will do so. As soon as you get a chance you need start adding them back and also start talking to them. A good way is to thank them for adding you. Always happy to help out :)

  4. Sue, thanks so much for this! I will follow your advice.

  5. Hi Claire! Found you on Twitter! I'm a fearful newby as well, trying to gather some new science twits (no offense)! :) I'll be following!

  6. Kim, thanks for adding me to your Twitter network, I'm doubly glad to find a new twitterer and a science teacher!

  7. Hello Claire! Thank you so much for commenting on my Students2.0 post! And I must say, I'm flattered that you want to share it with your students.

    Don't be afraid! I myself added Twitter two days ago, and I LOVE it. I just "followed" you, and I'll be listed under "NovelDame". Hope to chat again soon!

  8. Samantha, thanks for adding me to your network! I'm enjoying meeting new people and seeing what they are up to!


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