Saturday, January 26, 2008

Finding my voice on Twitter

I've been on Twitter for a couple of weeks now, and I am pleased to see that my network is growing--a big thank you to Sue Waters for asking the folks in her network to follow me! I've been enjoying reading the tweets and finding out quickly what people are up to and followingGag the links they provide. My challenge right now is finding my voice. So far I feel like I've been lurking. I feel like I need to have something really important say, which is silly since there's some pretty everyday things that people comment on. Perhaps it is just that I don't know the people in my network very well yet, but I know that will change :-)

Image: gag by G. Rohs


  1. Hi Claire - don't stress about the feeling of lurking - the reality of the Internet is more people lurk than are vocal. Most online communities follow this rule: 90 % lurk; 9 % contribute occasionally; and 1 % contribute all the time. My thoughts are as you become more comfortable in the online world you move through the stages. Lets be honest; expressing yourself - whether it is a blog, twitter or podcast is like standing at the front of a room - can be stressful. Be comfortable with how you want to be and if you just want to listen in -- thats fine and be comfortable in the knowledge that this is what most do :)

  2. Hi Sue - thanks for the moral support, and for being one of those 1 percenters!

  3. Hi Sue

    Have you got a reference for those stats?

    Hi Claire, thank you so much for your comment of my blog-you made my blog! Sarah


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