Sunday, December 30, 2007

The Switch to Edublogs

After joining the blogosphere in November '07 on Blogger, I've decided to make the switch to edublogs. My previous blog, Claire's World, was started when I decided I wanted to see what blogging was all about. Now I feel that I know what the focus for my blog is, I thought I'd try edublog. Blogger was a good place to start, but I feel that a WordPress powered blog might offer me more flexibility in the design of my blog. We'll see how it goes. My new blog name, Clarify Me, reflects my focus on clarifying my thinking on using technology to make education more relevant to my students, and to help foster communication and collaboration.


  1. I'm just trying out the comments in edublogs. I'm a little frustrated that I cannot figure out how to add a 'Subscribe to this blog' RSS feed. How do I do this?!!!!

  2. Ok, I have a link to FeedBurner now, but it doesn't send the whole post; just the first 3 lines...

  3. Welcome to edublogs Claire :)

    You can use test widgets (Presentation > Widgets) to put in pretty much anything in your sidebars... am not sure why feedburner would only be displaying the first 3 lines, but you can decide how much of your feed you want to show in Options > Reading.

    Cheers, James

  4. Thanks James! It turns out that I had given Feed Burner an outdated RSS 0.92 version. I've changed that and now everything is tickety boo!

  5. [...] on Blogger, and I didn’t really know what my focus was going to be. At the end of December I switched over to Edublogs. I regret not keeping the original Blogger blog as a time capsule–I [...]


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