Thursday, March 13, 2008

Making Twitter Work For Me

Back in January I wrote about Tools and Sites I Use, and I mentioned that I would like to try Twitter, but I had my concerns (intimidated, worried I'd get sucked into the abyss, etc) After that post Sarah Stewart and I decided to take the plunge. It took me awhile to feel confident enough to tweet, but I did start to get into the groove. Then I just stopped. The problem was I was using Twitter by logging on to the Twitter site. This was cumbersome so I just stopped.

After reading various posts on Twitter (eg here) I realized that I needed a browser extension for Twitter. I knew that Sue Waters uses Snitter, and Clay Burell was a TwitBin guy. I checked both extensions out and decided to go with Twitbin.

I'm now back in my Twitter groove! Twitbin is great! I downloaded the Twitbin extension for Firefox and I now have a cute little Twitbin bookmarklet and it is so easy to get my "live" Twitter window up (see image below). Now I just need to work on building up my network. If your interested in following me on Twitter I'm clthompson; I'd be happy to reciprocate :-)



  1. Oops I keep meaning to change my post. I've now moved onto Twhirl -- and it's my favourite new toy. Glad your enjoying Twitter. Wonder if Clay's now using another Twitter application?

  2. Sue, I'll be interested to read what you have to say about Twhirl. Using Twitbin has already helped me to increase my network :-)

  3. I'm comfy with Twitbin, haven't tried Twhirl (is it Mac or PC?).

    Claire, I think the best way to build your network is go to other people's Twitter homepages who are in your network, click on "Following" on their page, and then simply add all their network. If you do that on mine, that's 350 people in a few minutes, and a good percentage of them will follow back.

    Then you get to know the ones that resonate somehow.

    It's such an amazing reality, this live network. I love it indescribably :)

  4. Clay, thanks for the suggestion on how to build my network. I would have never have considered adding someone's entire network, but I suppose it would be pretty easy to go in and prune after wards.


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