Thursday, November 22, 2007

Boosting Collaboration

I have been participating in the knowWeeks course for 4 days now, and I cannot believe the amount of collaboration that's going on--all through blogs! My big task now, is to come up with a way of using blogging with my students.


  1. Hey Claire,

    Cool stuff you're looking at doing! As an FYI, Joanne is/was very involved in this type of work at the university level, she'd probably be very useful to talk to.

    Her bio is at

  2. Hi Claire -- I kept meaning to drop past and share some linkings on student blogging with you. Any way here they are the different ways you can use blogging with students, teaching students about blogging and copyright and letter for parents about blogging. Good luck, I hope the information helps.

    Sue Waters
    Mobile Technology in TAFE

  3. Sue, thanks for the links you shared. I found some great stuff on Beyond School that has gotten me thinking about new ways to do science with my students. Clay Burell's post, Digital Storytelling for the Science Teachers, has some thought provoking ideas.

    Thanks again!


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